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VSMA and its network of specialists help you make sound financial choices so you can secure a brighter future for you and your family.
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A smiling, happy family holding a roof over their head

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Financial Stability

Struggling to get on top of your finances? VSMA's team of experts can help you streamline your processes and optimise your financial standing.

Financial Growth

VSMA and its team of experts guide you towards investment choices that maximise your ROI, helping you secure a brighter financial future for you and your family.
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While a lot of agencies promise the dream of financial clarity, many fall short due to “one size fits all” approaches. At VSMA, we take the time to understand your personal situation in its entirety, so that our affiliates can plan out a clear path to achieve your goals with the best strategic financial management.

We only take on clients that we’re confident we can help, and our results reflect that. Ready to find out if we’re a right fit for each other?
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Our Guarantee To You

VSMA will cover your rent for the first 12 months or up until you get your first tenant. Whichever comes first.
Things happen, situations change. If you are no longer in a position to obtain the loan, VSMA guarantees your deposit back, no questions asked.
If we are unable to improve your financial position, we’ll put $1,000 in your pocket. Yes, we’re that confident in our team.
* Read our terms & conditions for more info
Let’s get you back in control of your finances. Schedule a call with one of our friendly team members and we'll be in touch to discuss the right course of action for you.
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A friendly, informal chat to gain an understanding of how we can help.

In-Person Meeting

We deep dive into your goals, aspirations and obstacles to start building a personalised action plan.

Tailored Action Plan

We connect you with a recommended associate to develop your personalised action plan.

Follow Up

Every 6 months, we check in with you to assess your standing, and further optimise your financial roadmap.
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VSMA gets paid from our recommended associates when we help you save money or make money, at no cost to you. There are no hidden fees, and we take pride in our ability to provide advice that gets results. We put ethics at the forefront of our mission statement, because it’s the right thing to do.


VSMA have been a lifesaver for myself and my husband Ben. A few years ago we connected with Sam and the team. They instantly made us feel so welcome and understood our financial situation. Sam is such a warm hearted human, with so much knowledge. He connected us with organisations that assisted us with our taxation, superannuation & brokers. Five years on, we now have our own home and two investment properties. We could never have done this without VSMA, Sam and his amazing team. Thank you so much 🌟
kim gardner
We have been with VSMA for around 5 years now and are extremely impressed with their professionalism, care and attention to detail. They continually ‘check in’ with us and ensure we have the best interest rates and are happy with everything. I cannot recommend them highly enough. But most importantly, they are really nice people.
Karen Brooks
We couldn't recommend VSMA enough. Sam and the team have been exceptional every step of the way during our investment journey.
Sven Edquist
VSMA gave really good advice and were able to back it up with data. I’d highly recommend the team to anyone trying to get somewhere in this crazy world.
Matthew S
VSMA have been absolutely brilliant. Great customer service and proactive communication which is exactly what you want from folks helping you with financials. The team is dedicated and always willing to help answer all questions.
Vajira Suriya Hena
Both my partner and I were new to the investment property market and VSMA assisted us greatly in purchasing our investment property. The attention to detail and friendly customer service made the whole process effortless and we felt extremely supported. We would highly recommend having a chat with the VSMA team.
Sarah Calafiore
We are very happy we worked with VSMA to get our first investment property. The process was made easy through VSMA’s connections with all the essential people. Their guidance has given us confidence to continue expanding our property portfolio.
Emma Joyce
Can't recommend the team at VSMA enough. They advised and helped us buy a investment property to help pay off our mortage and we're 2/3s of the way there after 2 years. Thanks Sam.
John Kordic
VSMA are amazing. They have not only taken us step by step through the whole investment process. But they have helped us make the most of our money in all areas. We are so much better off because of them and we can't thank them enough.
Jasmine Bibby
VSMA!! Well what an experience! There is a unique level of excitement when a team of passionate people give you the confidence to take control of your future. The care and passion that they all work with is peerless and lead from the front. We can't thank them enough. The hardest step is the first one and it doesn't cost anything to just have a chat.
Grant Mack

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